Jeanne Sessums: So what do you do?

From allied “But how I make my living now is not that simple. Because, if you’ve been following along with the home game, you know I got laidoff–or should I say I declined their offer to stay–by the Passion and Precision in Communication folks in April.
So, today I do everything.
Whatever interests me and pays, I do it.
And that isn’t what most people do.
You’re agency or you’re corporate.
You’re a PR person or you’re a writer.
Always sides. Always dividing lines. Always a way to separate voice from itself.”
Jeanne’s post goes on to talk about how blogging and other communications tools are changing the concept of a persona and a corporate voice into something more personal. My suspicion is that this question is livelier and more relevant for those of us working outside the corporate structure in their own businesses, freelancing, etc.–When I was fulltime at a large company, I thought about how best to work with my new boss, the third in nine months, and how to fit my aspirations into their structure.
Now, out on my own, I feel the corporate layers peeling away, leaving me…Not exposed, but somehow more whole, which is part of what I feel Jeanne is touching on.