Kaltix: From spin-out to Google purchase in 45 days

This story about a new Google acquisition is like the high tech version of the Fast and the Furious. What if you started a company and Google bought it within 60 days of launch?

August 11, 2003: ZDNet runs a story about “stealth start-up Kaltix,” founded by three members of the PageRank Group at Stanford University to provide large-scale personalized and context-sensitive search, opening the way for highly targeted–and opportunistic–personalized advertising on all those personalized search pages.
On September 30, 2003: Google announces the acquisition of Kaltix. The Kaltix home page now defaults to Google. .
That’s 45 days or less from first mention to sold…
However, there is NO INFORMATION about the company. The Kaltix home page defaults to Google. The names of the founders are NEVER mentioned. The Stanford Page Rank Group home page is now also restricted.
Who are these guys What is this technology? I don’t think Google wants us to know.
However, I have some ideas about who the members of Kaltix are and I think two of them are members of the Stanford WebBase Project-
My guess is the the three are
1) Taher H. Haveliwala
2) Sependar Kamvar, who has coauthored several recent papers related to PageRank with Haveliwala.
And Glen Jeh, whose recent research has focused on personalized web search.
Am I right?
Whomever they are, they are very rich geeks, right now, I suspect…Probably having exchanged their company for a shitload of options on that eventual Google IPO and fat salaries and bonuses.
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