Megnut: Good advice for life & Lafayette Project

I like Megnut’s recent post: “Don’t befriend/work with/love/etc. anyone who is incapable of saying, “I was wrong” and “I don’t know.”
I’m also eager to see The Lafayette Project, which at one time was supposed to launch in July. At Reboot, Cory Doctorow blogged Meg talking about the product they were developing as an integrated tool suit–a social network/FOAF tool to identify both bloggers and readers for purposes of referral and recommendation, including a recommendation engine aka collaborative filtering/more like this feature; an RRS reader (host-based, I assume), and a translator so that all those Polish, Portguese and other non English blogs can be read in the English speaking world.
Others are also thinking about–and working in this space–and developing what seem like similar products–it will be a step forward when some of these next-generation efforts launch.