Rick Bruner & More on Blogger/Google

Rick Bruner at Marketing Wonk seems to have reached similar conclusions to mine about the discontinuance of BloggerPro and what is suggests about Google’s ambitions. Rick quotes Jason Shellen, who said, “We’ve always wanted to give away Blogger Pro features to all users,” and “Currently, all the users of Blogspot [Blogger’s free blog hosting service] have Google AdSense ads on them. That’s about as much we would want to say [on the revenue question] as a private company. …A comparison could be made to Google itself. Google offers great free web search. We’re offering, hopefully long-term, a great free web publishing tool. If anything, it’s a step to make Blogger more prominent.”
Someone one sent me an email today suggesting that this was a Microsoft-like tactic to despoil those trying to build a market for paid blogging tools and services, but I think it really underscores just how Lucrative targeted, paid text ads are for Google–it’s the highest margin way for them to make great revenue…no customer acquisition costs, no marketing dollars, no churn issues–what a great business.