Sunday in the Park with Spencer and Zack

Spent the afternoon in SF and Golden Gate Park with the family today; we had lunch in the Inner Sunset at Curry and Naan and then went into the Park to see the new Conservatory of Flowers. The g greenhouses look great from the outside, but the huge crowds meant the next tour was an hour away, so we prowled the grounds and then lounged outside.
Some moments:
–The blonde little boy, about 5, who took off all his clothes and did a little dance on the lawn. Was he a nudist? Naah, his mom was about to feed him a souvlaki for lunch and didn’t want his nice little suit stained.
–The roller-blading, hockey-stick carrying, confident-looking dotcom type guy who zoomed up the path, stopped cold next to his kid, and proceeded to show his little 4 year old how to wield the hockey stick.
–A Japanese family of four happily munching continually on baggie after baggy of snacks.
–The three of us, who happily lay down in a patch of shade and listened to Seal play a free concert across the park.
Afterwards, a quick stop at Amoeba Records, then the drive south to San Jose.