Sunday Sessions for BloggerCon–Ideas to discuss

I am speaking at BloggerCon in Boston in early October, and have been asked to think about some BOAF sessions for Sunday, the community day. What do you think of these ideas? Do you have other ideas? Please post if you have ideas, and/or if you’d like to participate in one of these panels–that means coming to Harvard on Sunday, October 4th, in person, to be a part of the program.
Birds of a feature session ideas
1) Creating a distinctive blogging voice and persona, a roundtable discussion
One of the distinctive differences about blogging (as compared to traditional journalism and personal home pages) is the heightened sense of personal voice coming through along side the sharing of information and ideas.
How do bloggers develop their personal voice? What kinds of decisions have bloggers made about the voice and persona they manifest in their blogs? As blogging moves into the mainstream, what considerations about voice, persona and tone might new bloggers think about? How do these elements come into play for business blogs, personal blogs, professional blogs, etc?
I’d like to pull together a roundtable of 3-4 bloggers who could come to this session and help kick the discussion off for everyone who came to this program. I’d faciliate the discussion, but would look to others to make significant contributions—volunteers needed!
This one is dear to my heart, because self-expression is one of the keys to why people blog, and my hope is this session helps address that,

2) Interactivity and the 2004 elections: What are the key levers and influences emerging?
This is a hot topic! Already, we”ve seen blogs, and emerge as powerful new tools for political discussion, organizing, and platform development. The California recall campaign–and anti-recall campaign–are also catalysts for using electronic tools, virtual spaces and communities to discuss and address issues.
Let’s do a session at BloggerCon that provides a forum for these events–I’d like to see Scott Heiferman, someone from MoveOn, Jock Gill, and a host of others come and share at a session on this topic.
My claim to fame with this one is that I am writing an article on these topics that is scheduled to be published right around the time of the conference. If you want me to facililitate and invite, I could, but someone else could moderate this well if I was to do #1,