The web changes campaign 2004–and the reporters who follow it

From Editor and Publisher:
“The Internet’s grip on the presidential race, as well as many state campaigns, comes at a time when newspapers are dealing with other factors that have caused them to approach the 2004 campaign differently. With less money to spend, more competition from cable news outlets, and a wider Democratic field of candidates for president (now 10) than usual, editors contend the next six to 12 months will require a changing game plan. “We’re not going to do every swing with every candidate, we’re mixing it up more,” says Maralee Schwartz, national political editor for The Washington Post, adding that budget cutbacks are curtailing some travel plans for reporters. “We are doing more voter pieces and larger enterprise pieces.”
So as Internet presence and web community become integral parts of political campaigns, will dollars for Web advertising follow?
As voters move to the web for information and involvement, will media dollars follow?
At the present time, less than 5% of all ad money for political campaigns goes online, and the lion’s share goes to television.
Will 2004 be the year that campaign ad dollars move as well?
Your thoughts welcome–