Too busy to blog today: Here’s Why

Three things going on:
A) Working on notes and plans for the Technology discussion for BloggerCon. Kevin Marks, Roland Tanglao, Amy Wohl, and hopefully a growing list of others, possibly including Frank Paynter and Craig Newmark, who would add wonderful depth, are starting to contribute ideas and pointers around questions such as:
How should blogging tools evolve to better serve the users?
What kinds of business and revenue models can support development? Is this the end of free? How can developers and users both get value (ie money and useful services)
What would a Blogger’s Bill of Rights look like?
As video and audio and mobblogging become more prevalent, what kinds of just in time editing tools need to be created?
And–are blogging tools services, products, or features? Obviously, they can be all of the above, but right now we have these compartmentalized slices of wikis, blogs, RSS newsreaders, collaborative filters and recommenders, audio, video, photos, FOAF…Are there ways we’d like them to fit together more gracefully, and what does that mean anyway?
And so on–more discussion participants needed and welcomed, including vendors and folks with a vested interest in a product.
Roland has more thoughts here.
2) Article on online paid political advertising and on editorial coverage of the recall and the elections on newspaper web sites.
In the thick of doing interviews and finding the topic of online paid political advertising so interesting I hope to write more about this. Will publish a link to these stories on the blog when they’re published, if my editor says its okay (I know he will),
3) Dealing with high school problems with my son
One of the reasons we moved back to San Jose was so my son could return to the high school where he spent his freshman and sophomore years, and take classes there. We started exploring how to do this last Spring, and the powers that be said it didn’t seem necessary to move back to the exact neighborhood for him to return as a senior. Well, we’re in a different neighborhood, and the school won’t admit him. We’ve gone two levels up in the appeal, and now I am about to talk to the Superintendent and School board members, as well as explore how being turned down will make him feel (as in super-depressed?) Being in this school is so important to my son–academically, emotionally, artistically–and yet its 3 weeks into the school year and he is not there. And he’s a senior. And he went there for 2 years before. And we raised money for them and…
Work continues on all three fronts. Taking a break with the dog.