Village Voice: Dean Finds that courting bloggers means tough questions

Anya Kamenetzin the Village Voice: “Thanks to his Internet-centered campaigning, presidential contender Howard Dean appears to be far more wired into the wired electorate than his Democratic rivals or George W. Bush. Dean’s innovative use of the Web has gotten plaudits from the press, and his courting of the wired crowd seems to be paying off—10,000 people showed up for an August 24 rally in cybercity Seattle. But if Dean is to keep the goodwill of blogocrats, he must find the message to match their medium….
When the unofficial, but large, Dean Nation blog submitted a list of readers’ 10 most popular questions to the Dean campaign in April, the DMCA made it, along with “9-11 Investigation” and “Cutting Gov’t Spending.” Yet in the five short entries that Dean posted on Lessig’s blog, he managed to avoid the DMCA and the Sonny Bono Act, though hundreds of posters both during the week and later mentioned the issue or asked him to state a position. ”