WEVC Hurricane blog: About as real as Britney Spears

You can find photos and postings of Hurricane Isabel’s might on blog-like mini-site at WEVC, Belo Interactive’s web site in Norfolk Virgina.
The cool thing about this is letting citizens post photos and notes.
The frustrating thing is that it is not really a blog, it’s a fake blog. A web page masquerading as a blog to seem trendy.
Why isn’t it a blog?
Instead of having a group blog members could post to, this is the classic news site thing where would-be participants are asked to ” submit their entries: via email to the news staff, who then post a compilation of entries. It’s not fresh and on the scene, it’s about as canned as it gets.
Yawn, didn’t we see this back in 1996 when we had the great big snowstorm on the East coast? And about 1,000 times since then? Oh yeah, if you call it a blog, then you’re cutting edge, I forgot.
Come one guys, you are all terrific online journalists–loosen up a little & let the people post–they won’t disappoint you.