What I made for dinner last night

My son Zack works out almost daily with Mark, his girlfriend’s father, who is an amazing weighlifter and gym rat. My thank you is to make him the great home-cooked dinners he never has at home. L
ast night, we had Mark, Mark’s dad Mickey, who’s famed as a driller and has put piling down across the western half of the country, his girlfriend Megan, and the three of us at the table for the thank-you feast.
The vittles–drumroll, please (this demonstrates my ability to cook for specific audiences):
Home-made foccacia bread, dough from Trader Joe’s
Roasted chicken
Diced red potatoes with red pepper, onion, garlic and rosemary
Baby yams in orange-apricot sauce
Green salad with tomato
Soy Dream ice cream dessert
Chocolate chip and wild raspberry with cinnamon cookies, also courtsey of Trader Joe’s
This was a dinner for manly men, I’d made a ton of food, and the guys packed it in. Then we walked the dog for a bit.