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Amazon launched a new service today called Search Inside Books, which allows a full-text search of ALL books and other media in the Amazon databases to produce a list of books etc listing your keyword.
I searched on my favorite obscure British author Jeff Noon, and found that in addition to the Noon books Amazon carries, there were additional results, mostly from anthologies referring to Noon in their forewards. However, there were also some bloopers such as ” She’d left with Jeff at noon–” Boolean search doesn’t seem to work with this feature(yet).
Nevertheless, this is wonderful and amazing..well worth playing with.

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  1. Timothy Fish says:

    The Search Inside feature has been around a while. I think one of the biggest benefits is that it allows customers to examine lesser known books, such as Searching for Mom. A person may not purchase the book on an impulse if he or she can’t look at the writing style, etc., but after looking at the book, it is no longer that great of a risk.

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