BloggerCon views

Now that the first BloggerCon conference is over, the feedback is rolling in. Scanning the wires this morning, as I have come to think of my Feedster searches,
there are two main themes–
1) The conference needs to be more representative of more types of people–too many attendees were a) white male b) full of themselves c)blog-centric, to mangle a phrase.
2) It was fantastic and I loved it.
Some random comments:
“I don’t think anyone who attended can argue that the upper edges of the blogosphere is a highly intellectual, highly motivated, well-funded white male group that for better or worse is pretty full of itself .”– Web Blogg-ed, Will Robinson
“Now, yes, I loved the blog camaraderie but quite frankly I don’t want to be the only black person in utopia. I was the only black person in that room, and was one of a few minorities. ” Oliver Willis
“BloggerCon also proved a thought-provoking, consistently involving, fascinating day. I have never been to a conference where there was such easy intercourse between panel and audience: everyone was truly a participant, in the best sense of the word. “– Lane Knobel