Eat to Live: What I cooked(and ate) this week

I must be settling in to life on the West Coast, because the quality of my luncheons is coming closer to the good meals I had in New York. In addition to Chez Panisse this week, I knocked back a plateful of fried Pacific oysters and crisp brown fries at Duarte’s in Pescadero, accompanied by bites of fresh steamed artichoke hearts. Last night, though I was without hunger, I sauteed chicken breasts and mushrooms with nutmeg for friends and family, accompanied by a great baby spinach salad, steamed red potatoes, and some leftover arroz con pollo my husband made. Dessert was ice cream, cookies, and a bown of canned mandarin oranges.
Today, I worked at home for most of the day, then went with Spencer to see my friend Mark. We walked out onto the seaweed and sand flats left bare by the ocean’s low tide at Princeton Beach, then swung over to Barbara’s Fish Trap to eat once we got tired of watching the seas gulls crack barnacles on the rocks.
What did we have?
More fried Pacific oysters, fresh coleslaw, salad, then broiled fresh local halibut with baked potato.
This is the reason I have gained two pounds this week–starting Sunday, it’s daily sessions in the gym and lots of protein, fruit and salad.