Family reunion fun

Spent the weekend offline in Philadelphia at a terrific family party–the 50th wedding anniversary of Spencer’s great-aunt and uncle, Irv and Ethel Korostoff.
Imagine a hundred Jews coming into Philly from around the world–Israel, Russia, California, Florida, Texas, New York, DC, Williamsburg, VA, Los Angeles, Buffalo, etc, and ranging in age from 95 to 5 converging for a 3 day party–that was my weekend.
The great thing about it was that I realized I could easily be good friends with many of the people there in my age group– Deborah Gussman, Neil Korostoff, Stacy Levy, Tori Gussman, David Gussman, and a score of others, most of them related to my husband in some way or another.
What a great family party!