Halley’s Comment: Where are the women (bloggers) ?

If women are creating over 50% of blogs, why aren’t more of them in the Top 100 blogger’s spots?” asks Halley Suitt.
Halley points out that the BlogStreet 100 is heavy on both political blogs and guys–if women are on the guys’ blogrolls, then why are so few in the Top 100?
Says Halley: “It’s clear that the top male bloggers are not denying women their blogroll inks, for the most part. It’s clear that the top male bloggers take every chance to list women bloggers and engage the topics that they raise. These men are too smart not to take us seriously. We are their colleagues, friends, girlfriends, sisters, bosses, moms, daughters. They want the best for us. Guys, feel free to blogroll us anytime. ”
My 2 cents on this one: Both men and women enjoy the kind of pointed, acerbic commentary that guys are (typically) more comfortable articulating. Guys rant on about politics, a topic the news junkies love. Women strive to be smart and insightful, but except for Elizabeth Spiers, seem leary of being bitchy–ad bitchy sells.
Why do more people know Quentin Tarantino than Jane Campion? It’s the noise factor, baby, and the blog world goes through the same thing–loud voices, cheap thrills kick butt every time.
Does this mean guys are better bloggers? Of course NOT. It just means loud voices win the top slots.
UPDATE: Guess some folks are addressing the women thing straight on– Misbehaving.net just launched–a blog by “smart, techy women.” Oh, can I play too, please?