Is Friendster worth more than a Tickle?

Quiz and personality test experts eMode just launched Tickle, a would-be Friendster-killer. Labeled “America’s Social Network,” a wonderful tag-line, Tickle asks for 7 screens of very detailed sign up data, providing committed users with dozens of excuses to strike up conversations.
Once I was signed up, the site directed me to a page saying there were 700,000 members in the network and asking my my favorite ice cream flavor (all the better to lick you with, my dear). I don’t think Tickle actually has 700,000 names in its database already; I suspect that’s the number of eMode users who have given the service permission to opt them in to new things.
Given how popular eMode has become, and how well they have done syndicating and distributing their quizzes to partners such as Cosmo Girl, I predict a bright and shiny future for Tickle.
ZDNet has a story on the launch; I’m going to check and see if anyone else has blogged this.