I’ve given up TV for Blogging & Newsreaders

We’ve been in our Naglee Park (San Jose) house now for 8 weeks or so, and I’ve somehow almost entirely stopped watching TV, even though we’re getting HBO, Food Network, and all sorts of cable goodness.
What happened?
1) During our move, I got out of the habit of watching TV, and never really got back into it.
2) Six Feet Under and Sopranos, the two shows I am completely hooked on are not on the air right now–nothing else has grabbed my attention.
3) Blogging and newsreaders have kicked in to my life, big time. When at an earlier time I might cruise the channels looking for something interesting, these days I am more likely to fire up my newsreader and see what the 300+ feeds are posting. There’s a cadre of bloggers I read everyday, but the newsreader gives me a chance to check out many more voices, including foodblog, a klog apart, and Inessential all of which I really enjoy but do not read daily.
Short version: Bloggers’ voices are far more authentic and interesting than most of the silliness on TV.