Jeff Jarvis gets written up in Editor & Publisher

Steve Outing touts Jeff for practicing ‘citizen journalism’ at the online news sites he oversees.
“Jarvis looks at community blogging as a way for a news organization to get to the hyper-local level. A motivated group of community members volunteer to write on a regular basis about something they know or care deeply about. They publish “news” and opinion about things that the news organization can’t afford to cover….
Jarvis envisions a Google AdWords-like model, where advertising sales are automated. Local advertisers seeking low rates and selective targeting — for example, a sporting goods store selling ads into a town’s sports-related blogs — will be a central target to fund the citizen-blog initiative. Advance also knows the ZIP codes of its customers (collected in a brief registration screen before Web-site content can be viewed), which will combine targeting by location with targeting by topic interest.”
Outing ends the piece by saying “Remember Koz,” an online community tool created by a business team lead by Frank Daniels, former head of Nando, but he forgets to mention Community Connection, a similar tool that Advance created and deployed across all its sites. You can still see it at–think of it as a blog like effort before there were blogs.
(Disclosure: Jeff and I worked together-along with a host of others–to create that application.