NEW! Yahoo News can syndicate results by keyword

Okay, as Jeremy Zwadony posts, Yahoo’s come out with one of those consumer-friendly features that news hounds have been waiting for–the ability to select a keyword, such as AOL or George Bush, and have it come to your newsreader as a XML/RSS feed. Google News, among others, has been offering email feeds of selected keywords as News Alerts, but Yahoo may be the first big player to offer this much wished for feature….or have someone hack how to do it and tell the blog world, at least.
Jeremy doesn’t tell us tech innocents exactly how to do this, but it seems to work as follows:
The search string in RSS is TO BE SEARCHED
To search for a muti-word string, the URL would look like + name
I am going to try this right now. Update–it works.
Additional thoughts–online news related
The interesting thing here is that news itself has become a commodity, and this is a game about multiplatform, multi-channel distribution of data. For the most part, what is being packaged are the generic news providers–AP, Reuters, with a small percentage of news from other sources willing to let their data be redistributed in this form. Advance, Knight Ridder Digital, Tribune–YOU should be packing up your feeds in a similar fashion as a registration bonus.