Personal scrapbook tools

Phil Glyforrd has an entry about the consumers’ possible interest in tools for online scrapbooking. AOL has invested much effort in creating album capabilities for You’ve Got Pictures, their photo exchange area, and worked hard to integrate photo capabilities into AOL Journals, allowing users to discover the complimentery nature of these two products.
There definitely is interest in blogging tools that would better integrate images and words.
At BloggerCon, Dan Bricklin wished for a more nible drag and drop tool that woud allow him to insert photos into his blog and move and resize them on the fly. The room agreed the development dollars for this would be HUGE. That same weekend, Doc Searls shared a beautiful slide show he’d assembled of his mother’s life as a homage to her. And at my recent family reunion party in Philly, I found myself wishing that the terrific video slide show Neil Korostoff produced about his parents could just be ported to thr web, for sharing with my son and others who weren’t there.