Print media and Internet–Publishers don’t see a fit

The growing tensions between avid bloggers and professional journalists in the form of newspaper editors takes on an interesting new dimension when put against the recent Gartner Group survey of print publishing executives conducted this fall. According to a Mediapost story, “…only 27% of print publishers believe they will see an increase in online advertising revenue in the next five years, compared to 33% who see no change and 17% who see the business as evenly split five years from now, finds a survey of 423 newspaper and magazine executives released Wednesday by GartnerG2. Nearly a quarter of the executives (23%) simply did not know what future of online might be.”
Of course, the real question for these print folks is where’s the revenue?
Or, do they have services and content they could be making more money?
Or, why aren’t they doing a more effective job at this?
It seems liike the print sector–some part thereof–has been asking this same question since 1999, even as Consumer Reports, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo, Google, and others have made subscription and advertising models work.