Profound insights at Starbucks, NYC

9am, crisp and windy fall day in downtown NYC. 40 minutes early for an appointment, I pick up scones at the Greenmarket and head for Starbucks on Union Square. There are enough seats and wall outlets to make me think this Starbuck’s is a popular free agent (read consultants and the un/underplayed who have to escape their apartment) destination, but I’ve got the only laptop in the place–there are a number of students reading and making notes, some business folks chatting about the sushi blowout they had last night, and someone with a wailing cat tucked into a gym badge.
Profound insight #1: Half the people in this country are either working to get health insurance or working some odd pastiche of jobs as long as they can hold out.
Profound insight #2: Must-have luxury goods–bags, shoes, watches, coats in New York, nice cars, big trucks, and fully-loaded SUVS in the rest of the world re meant to cloak the unrest cause by #1.
Profound insight #3: People are getting fatter because they sit at home and eat in front of the TV, trying to block out the stress trigged by #1 and #2.
#4 Starbucks offers coffee and health insurance, and now, for a fee, Wi-Fi access. Maybe Howard Schultz should run for President?