Progressive Dinner Report

We just finished our Naglee Park progressive dinner party: 10 couples, 5 houses, 5 courses.
Only each course except the main dish seemed to have 3-5 dishes wrapped in, so the quantity of food was a bit staggering.
Some highlights of the meal: Penelope Casas tapas-style potato and egg cake, marinated olives and mushrooms, Spanish cheeses like Machengo.
Curried pumpkin soup with mushrooms (secret ingredient turned out to be maple syrup)
Spinach salad
Fresh mango and green chili chutney, to go with the Indian main course of curried lamb, vegetables and white rice
Our desserts: bread pudding with raspberry sauce and fresh whipped cream, coconut-walnut bars (Spencer made those), great key lime by from our neighbor.
The neighbors at the dinner were extremely nice: one works at NASA, another is in HR at a semi-conductor company and knows a friend of mine, one is a “life coach,” another is in sales, one teaches middle school. And so on…one of the nice things about California is that the first question is never “What do you do?” as it is in New York. (Okay, so it’s question number 5, and I keep thinking it till it’s time to ask, but here, more typically, someone else tells you what the person does–the same protocols of asking aren’t in place.)