Beyond blogging and social networks:

Via Seb, a post from James Snell on the topic of data emergence, meaning personal data that is automatically generated through keystroke and cookie tracking of individual behavior. Snell says:
I want web sites to become nothing more than raw data feeds. I want a desktop application that:
a) allows me to maintain a database of personal information
b) allows me to selectively share that data with anybody I choose
c) allows me to autodiscover new sources of content
d) allows me to completely control how I view and interact with the content sources I’ve chosen.
I want all that, too, and I want it to work in a way that lots of people will adopt the tools and feel comfortable with setting appropriate privacy levels. With all this social network and peer to peer data, one of the big hurdles that will come up as these tools move more into the mainstream is–tah duh–privacy. Snell’s dubs his dream service “My “Smart” Content Aggregator ” and says it’s a tool that lets him generate, see, and reuse his own data.