Biking to work via the train: Some observations

I’ve been taking the train a fair amount from San Jose to San Francisco. Many of my meetings have been within 10 blocks of the CalTrain dept, in South of Market, so it seems easier to sit on the train and read and work than to have to drive up and find a place to park.
I’ve noticed, recently, that are there are many cyclists on the train every day–folks who are dress as though they ride to the train station, clamber aboard, and then ride off to their jobs in San Francisco.
While this seems pretty consistent with how people are in Northern California–avid mountain bikers, racing cyclists, etc.–it is one of those things that could NEVER happen in New York.
In New York, commuters get on the train tired, cranky, focused on the lousy day they have ahead and the fact their coffee already spilled on their shoes because of the jerk behind them in line.
In New York, there is no room for bicycles on the commuter trains, and the taxis and bike messengers would plow the riders down anyway. And, oh yeah, most of the companies in New York have no place for you to put your bike–they’re not welcome in the office or the elevator, and there’s no parking, no space, no nothin’.
What I especially notice on the faces of the California bike commuters coming on and off the trains is a look of happiness. They’re feeling good about riding their bikes, digging the journey, and that is so not New York.