Confessions of a guilty pleasure: Average Joe

Okay, I’m outing myself: tonight I watched the amazingly tacky Average Joe –for those of you living on a desert island this is the NBC reality show that puts a beauty-queen style babe–who says she’s ready to settle down now that she’s hit 25–in a Palm Springs desert mansion with 15 eager guys, all “average”–AKA fat, bald, short, pimply, big schnozzes, ugly glasses, questionable facial hair, 70’s haircuts, etc.
This is the classic guy wet dream–be a nerd and go home with the prom queen–but it’s also sweetly hopeful in that viewers want her to be nice to these average but sweet guys and not crush them with her size 7AA stilettoes.
The guys’ mantra is: If you get to know the real me,m I’ll be your choice for a guy.
Hers seems to be : National TV, what a great opportunity.