Dave Pollard on Biz 2.0’s Best New Technology for 2003

Dave Pollard: “The November edition of Business 2.0 (only available on-line to subscribers) has selected Social Networking Applications as the Technology of the Year. Mentioned in the survey are Ryze, LinkedIn, Friendster, Zero Degrees, Tribe.net, Spoke Connect, and Visible Path. The magazine should be commended for this insightful choice, but they missed the companion technology that will provide the data essential to the functioning of future Social Networking Applications. That technology: Personal Content Management and Publishing Applications (notably Blogs and RSS). You can’t have one without the other.”
Great point, Dave–and a question for all you cutting edgers–How many of these networks have you joined? Which ones are deader than the blog you abandoned after 3 months, and which ones–if any are you still using?
I use Ryze, and I am planning to get involved with LinkedIn, which seems to be getting some critical mass of people.