Dept of finally having some fun: Dinner with friends

After what feels like weeks of work, walking the dog, and helping Zack with the college application process, we took some time off last night and went out with friends for dinner.
What a great time we had!
Going out with another couple is kind of like double-dating–you’re dating the couple to see if everyone truly gets along, or if this is one of those mutual tolerance, okay honey you owe me for tonight plays–and last night seems very much like the former–as I suspected, the four of us seemed to click really well.
Laughing, talking, and eating great Italian food made for a really relaxing and fun night. Of course, everyone was tired from a killer week, but it was nice to go into the weekend with something a little different, aka FUN.
We also had an impressive dinner: grilled vegetables, Tuscan-style, Insalata Caprese(which means fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil and some anchovy), grilled rare ahi tuna, salmon picatta (seemed to work, the diners with that dish were scarfing it up), fettucine in cream sauce, and the chocolate souffle and creampuffs for dessert. And a walk outside with thousands of stars overhead as the final shot–we’re in Northern California, after all, where you can actually seer the stars at night.