Dept. Of in the mix: Paid search ads and big brand media campaigns

Will paid search listings become a more integral part of big brand’s media plans? Seems likely, and it’s great fun to imagine AOL’s new agency recommending they sell broadband subscriptions via paid search placements on other sites, or the Democratic National Party waking up and buying ad placements against keywords like “Patriotism” “Employment” “War in Iraq” “Bush suck” for their presidential candidates.
Another sign of the times is Adweek’s story, about major media buying company Carat Interactive . They recently created a search engine marketing group to help those big brand clients sucking up TV time and glossy print campaigns a way to incorporate paid search into their media buying mix. The new VP, Ron Belanger, will lead a 10-person team that handles paid placement, paid inclusion and search-engine optimization for clients like Hyatt Hotels.
Belanger: “My perspective on search is that many verticals have yet to capitalize on the tremendous benefit of search marketing. In an era of spam and do-not-call lists, incorporating a comprehensive search marketing strategy allows our clients to … enjoy historically low cost per leads.”
Translation: It’s got a great ROI and its way cheaper that most other options.
(Via Marketing Wonk)