Dept of Kicking Back: Breakfast at the Hickory Pit

Took the dog out for a walk at what turned out to be an unofficial hobo camp squeezed between the San Jose Municipal Golf Course and an industrial park, then headed home, changed, and went to meet the gang at the Hickory Pit in Campbell.
Even for those who do not partake of the flesh of the hog, the Hickory Pit is one of those great breakfast places, with waitstaff who treat breakfast like a religion and pouring coffee as the First Communion.
I always get the same paltry scrambled eggs and tomatoes, and my friends always tuck into the French toast with ham steak and eggs, the hot sausage and mushroom scrambler, the biscuits and gravy, and all that good stuff.
We’re a motley crew of ex-dotcommers who worked together a couple of exploded companies back, but have stayed friends. Today was especially exciting because S, whom I haven’t seen since I left California the first time in 2002, came to breakfast. She’s amazingly talented, a great person, and it was SO good to see her. As well as see my other friends.
I also love the feeling of hanging with a group; since I’m consulting and working from home, I don’t have that go out to lunch with the team experience very often–it’s nice to be part of a group.
It was also a great chance to catch up on news about people we know–one woman’s moved to Oregon and has some interesting social justice projects going; someone else joined a new company–but lasted less than 8 months; another guy was contracting with a former colleague at Stanford, another woman isn’t really planning on going back to work, and so on.
Mega fun. Good food. Great company.