Dept of Only in NY: NY Mag logs the blogs

Smart piece in NY Magazine by Simon Demenco about NY bloggers including Anil Dash, Elizabeth Speirs,and Jeff Jarvis, as well as Nick Denton, who seems to be developing into the Rupert Murdoch of the blogosphere.
The game is always to think of NY media-type bloggers he omitted: Greg Allen, who focuses on film; Meg Hourihan, a wonderful blogger (one wonders was she left off as not media-focused, or because she works for Denton?), Dennis Loy Johnson, the book-trade focused scribe of MobyLives (okay, he bunks in Hoboken, but does that really matter? Jarvis lives in Jersey, too.) Biggest omission, Jen Cheng, wonderfully talented editor of Gothamist.
Who else might Dumenco have added to a longer piece? Lots of interesting bloggers in New York