Dept of wet kisses: New York Times does piece on web log publisher Nick Denton

Jeff Jarvis on web log publisher Nick Denton in today’s New York Times: “He recognized that what sets Web logging apart from other media is only how incredibly inexpensive it is.”
Maer Roshanm, Radar editor and former NY Mag honcho: “”Nick’s one of the few people I’ve met whom I’d describe as visionary: he has a real entrepreneurial zeal, a keen eye for new talent, and the enviable self-confidence that comes with having a few million stashed in the bank. There’s a Warholish aspect to Nick – watching him in action, you get the feeling that he’s always cataloguing, filtering, picking up bits up information for future use.”
Chris Anderson, editor of Wired: “The rise of Google’s AdSense and related automatically targeted ad servers really suits narrowly focused blogs. It provides a way for niche media and niche advertising to find each other, with virtually no human intervention required.”