Dog Stories I: Our dog is our baby

Perhaps it takes one to know one, but coming back from Indiana to California, I ran into a couple in the airport who seemed liked they’d totally crossed the “My dog is my child” line..which happens to be a space I am all too familiar with
This couple was waiting to board the plane with their dog, a pug, who they had slung on the woman’s chest in a baby carrier.
“Hey, your dog’s cute,” my son said, eyeing the pop-eyed puppy dangling, utterly motionless. “Did you give him some tranquilizers?”
“Yeah, we loaded him up on Xanax,” the guy said. “Keeps him calm.”
“Uh, cool, “said Zack.
The crowd moved forward to board. The gate agent’s eyes widened and she said, “You’ve gotta put that dog in a carrier before you get on the plane!”
“Uh, we’re gonna do it when we sit down,” the woman answered.
“No, now!”
As we moved past them, they were kneeling on the floor of the jetway, stuffing a very stoned-looking pug into a back-pack carrier.

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