Jarvis: Dvorak is sleeping in a Silicon Brigadoon

Jeff Jarvis turns another elegant phrase when he describes how John Dvorak is out of touch with what blogging is when he decries the entry of ‘big media’ into the space:
“What a load of pundit poop. …
By that logic, the fewer people who blog, the better. By that same logic, if you’re the only person in the world with a fax machine, it’s really valuable. Welcome to the networked world, Dvorak. But he’s still sleeping in a silicon Brigadoon.
No, the big boys will not coopt blogging. They will add to it. They bring two things: (1) more content to which to link and (2) more links to citizens’ blogs bringing more traffic and audience. ”
Go, Jeff! Your voice adds so much value as folks strive to make sense of the opportunities of this new platform.