Micro-pubs: Old wine in new bottle?

Rafat Ali highlights an essay by Om Malik about what he calls micro-pubs, niche online publications that are run by a skeleton crew and have a highly focused (read narrow) sphere of interest.
Om’s points are that a micropub “is a combination of old fashioned newsletter, blog and a directory service, managed by one to ten people. Further, says Om, these sites are making money.
While I applaud the attempt tp categorize the type of publication we see in these one-person blog sites–including Paid Content–I kinda hate the term Om’s coined. It seems like an after-the-fact sort of definition, one that doesn’t have a lot of depth, and that describes the surface more than the core.
On reflection: Anil Dash talks about ‘thin media–a term JD Lasica and co used in the We Media report issued by New Directions for News this summer.’ Is this any more descriptive?