Microsoft: Will Wallop pack one?

Marketing Wonk’s got an item on Microsoft’s Wallop, a reported blog-indexing tool a la Popdex, Blogdex, etc. Heiko Hebig from Germany (aka the Schmutzblogger, love that), picked up a post from a Microsoftie, Corey Gouker:
“…And now there’s some thing really awesome called Wallop. It’s a new way to blog and to moblog from the looks of it. A way to really connect the blogs together and see the interactions between the people blogging. From the looks of it there’s a much bigger push on images in their model. But the key thing I’m getting out all of this is that they really want all the information we know that’s out there much much easier to navigate through.”
Anyone out there using the invite-only beta? More from blogherald here.