More Thanksgiving: My grandmother’s china

At the sink tonight after dinner, washing the plates by hand, realizing that this dinner set, which was bought by my grandmother soon after she married in 1923 , is more than 80 years old. My grandmother gave me the dishes when I was about 24, and I’ve carried them through four states and eight abodes without too much significant breakage.
When she was still alive, and I’d have holiday dinners far away from home, I’d call her to report on how the meals went.
“Did you use my dishes?” she’d say. “How were they?”
“Yes, Grandma, I used your dishes, they looked beautiful,” I’d reply.
“Good!” she’d exclaim. “Use them in good health.”
Grandma died about 7 years ago, at the age of 89, but I imagined today how pleased she’d feel if she could know that her dishes were on the Thanksgiving table in San Jose, California, used by a grandchild who loves them–and her.

Noritake Delicia–the only photo on Google Images of the pattern in question.

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  1. Naomi Colb says:

    Hi Susan,
    I also inherited this set of dishes and have actually gifted some of them along the way to young friends setting up apartments.
    At this point, I am ready to release the remaining pieces and am open to offersI also have the gravy tureen and a couple of serving platters that may interest you and the square salad plates.

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