New Pew Report: It’s easier to give up print media than cell phones, email and TV

Rich Gordon on on the new Pew Internet and American Life Project report on ” Consumption of Information Goods and Services in the United States.” He writes: “One interesting finding if you are involved with the technology industry (or rely on it to deliver your content) is that just 31 percent of the U.S. population is made up of “high-end technology adopters.” Also noteworthy is that two-thirds of these are relatively young — in subgroups dubbed “Young Tech Elites” (average age 22) and “Wired GenXers” (average age mid-30s). And that these two subgroups — contrary to some generalizations about young audiences — are significantly more willing than other groups to pay for content online.
Here’s the zinger:
“… No matter the level of technology adoption, users felt computers, the Internet, cellular phones, e-mail, and cable TV would be harder to live without than print publications. This reflects, I’m sure, the value people attach to communications and entertainment as opposed to news — but it also says something important about the place that print holds in people’s minds. ”