Paris Hilton item #755: Porn tape precedents

There’s a Paris Hilton interview with the Associated Press that’s online today. In it, Paris says she made her sex tape with former fling Rick Salamon because “”I was in an intimate relationship and never, ever thought that these things would become public.”
That makes sense–after all, if the other 20 or so guys she’s been publically seen canoodling with in the past year never published the intimate sex tapes or who knows what else that she made with them–why should she think Rick Salomon would?
And now it looks like Rick Salomon may not have been the one to peddle the tape-in some reports, his former roommate, one Donald Thrasher, is responsible for selling the tape to porn company Movad, claiming he owned the rights.
Only now,, the porn company purchasers –Movad aka, are saying that Thrasher supposedly represented Salomon in offering the tape for sale.
Given that Hilton is appearing as the star of a Fox reality show that airs next week, all this (humiliating) media exposure seems amazingly timely. Would a girl famed for wearing no underwear and dancing on tables set this circus in motion as a publicity stunt?