Pericles: Multimedia media planning for politicos

Mediapost article about the formation of Pericles, a new company that will help political campaign planners execute effectively online: ie make full advantage of blogs, online advertising, grassroots and viral marketing (buzzwords of the day).
Buzzquote from John Durham, one of the founders, and longtime online advertising sales guru:
“Although political candidates have used the Internet in some form since 1996, the recent recall election in California established the Web as a fundamental communications asset that will be an integral part of all future campaigns. The Pericles team includes some of the innovators who have been conceptualizing, planning, buying and launching online consumer campaigns since the Web emerged as a commercial medium in the mid 1990s. We now offer that talent and experience to communicate ideas, agenda’s and platforms.”
As the founders point out, the pot for paid political advertising is about $13 billion, but less that 10% of that is spend online. Can these guys help move those dollars? Only time will tell.
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