Saturday hiking: Calaveras Road to Sunol Regional Wilderness area

Time for some recreation–we drove from San Jose to the Sunol Wilderness area today to do some hiking.

First, we took Calaveras Road from Milipitas to Geary Road, the park turn-off. This marvelously winding road, with its rural landscape, is only 12 miles from our house, but a universe away in terms of bucolic charm. The only other cars on the road were vintage vehicles, for some reason, though there were plenty of cyclists and bikers. The tilted hillsides were dotted with cows, and the cypress and eucalyptus trees were exquisite.
In the Sunol wilderness area, we hiked the Camp Ohlone Road, because we misread the map, and then cut down to climb around the rocks by Little Yosemite, andf do a bit of the steady uphill climb of the Backpack Road leading to the McCorkle Trail. Early on, we met about a dozen people, each accompanied by one or more dogs, and the occasional flocks of equestrians or hiking clubs.
Here’s the reservoir
And Little Yosemite

And two shots of scenes from within the park

The hub and I both had a great time and resolved to start hiking more often…the Bay area has such amazing terrain and beautiful places to explore–we need to get out more.

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    We hiked the same route you did. Its a really great place for hiking, photography and exercising the dog.
    Sunol Regional Wilderness hiking, Eastbay Parks Feb 13, 2011.

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