SMB made the Bloggerforum Top 10

Here’s thrilling news–just got a note from Steve Covell that this blog is in the top 10 list of blogspot-hosted blogs on Bloggerforum.
Note: Being the curious type, I just went to Google and did my own search for blogspot on the blogspot domain. I searched over the past 3 months, and this blog actually came up in the Top 25, not the top 10 (not that I’m complaining, mind you).
What are the most visited/linked Blogspot blogs., according to Google? Among the Top 25: Where is Raed, Dave Barry’s Blog, Dean 2004, , The Homeless, , The Volokh Conspiracy, Catalog Blog, Riverbend, Atrios, Beyond Northern Iraq, Denise Howell, Sarah Hatter, Kevin Marks, Handheld Librarian, iraniangirl, Loco Parentis (this one is is new to me, and neat), Halley’s Comment, and Jeaneane Sessums, and this blog. I didn’t include blog not in English, a couple of abandoned blogs (switched hosts, etc) and one or two that looked somewhat questionable.
Order of magnitude data: 29,000 links to Where is Raed?, 40,000 links to The Volokh Conspiracy, <a href=" -8&newwindow=1&safe=off&as_qdr=m3&q=links%3A+%22%22Halley%27s+Comment%22+&as_qdr=m3&lr=lang_en”>17,600 links to Halley’s Comment.
While on this size/traffic jag, I also found this list of traffic rankings from The Truth Laid Bear, which says it is baed on sitemeter.