Teaching with blogs: The art of..

Interesting post from Spike Hall on using weblogs in teaching. He quotes the wonderful (and San Jose local) Dan Mitchell on how he uses blogs in his DeAnza College classes as online notebooks and online management tools for student learning. He also has a smart link to George Simen’s elearning.
One of the key points of all these posts, IMHO, is that the education isn’t about the blogging’ the blogging is a tool to teach particular types of note-taking, reflection, and collaboration, as well as a way to build true communities of practice.
Of course, the hassle is that it is about 100,000 times easier to type those words than to make it happen. And what makes it happen isn’t talk about how great the tools are–I tried that with some of the nonprofits I work with–and it didn’t work.
Now, I read what these folks have to say and talk about end results…and while people are more receptive to trying some new tools, in truth, it’s still a slow process.