Yahoo dropping enterprise division

Just read an article in eweek saying that Yahoo is dropping its enterprise division and has laid off a number of staffers from that team. According to the article, some of the core product offerings from the group, including Yahoo Business Messenger, the enterprise companion to Yahoo’s popular IM service, and the My Yahoo EE (Enterprise Edition) suite of web-based applications and tools and the Yahoo Companion EE customizable browser toolbar for accessing a corporate portal will become part of the division at Yahoo that oversees the consumer-focused Yahoo Messenger service.
Another story–from CNET– here.
What does this mean about Yahoo and the enterprise market? Or, to put it another way, does this mean something about the cost and or barriers to entry in the Enterprise market? How does enterprise fit into Yahoo’s shifting focus (and hugely profitable, ad-driven revenue from the past 2 quarters?)
Anyone have insights and thoughts to share?