Ad Age: Article on Tacoda and Dave Morgan

Dave Morgan’s been working in the online ad space for over ten years, first as one of the founders of RealMedia, and then as the founder and CEO of Tacoda, and now there’s an article in Ad Age, by Hoag Levins, about him and his company. Levins writes:
“Tacoda Systems has created the digital machinery that enables large-scale print media companies to use their Web sites as enclosed database marketing systems that instantly recognize and directly interact with specific individuals. ,,,Since launching two and a half years ago, Tacoda has focused on that exact goal — of creating standardized database marketing or audience management systems that can be used by newspaper and magazine company Web sites across the country. And it appears to have found a fertile niche for its systems, which range in price from $350,000 to $700,000, not including annual maintenance and support fees that can run from $50,000 to $80,000 a year. ”
I learned about Tacoda when I did a piece for the Digital Edge on political advertising a couple of months ago, and heard from publishers how their tools played a key role in 2004 ad strategies.
As someone who is convinced that the next big thing is contextualized and personalized paid search ads, systems like Tacoda’s, which offer opt-in relationships and expert data mining on a site specific basis, really interest me. Geotargeted, personalized, behaviorally-driven–the technologies exist to make ads ever more targeted, and, hopefully, relevant.
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