Diane Keaton: Something’s Gotta Give

Saw the Nicholson/Keaton flick last night and laughed the whole time. Great chemistry and totally professional acting, with a terrific supporting cast including Frances Dormand and Amanda Peet.
Checking reviews this am, Carrie Richie writes: “Wholesomely sultry at 57, Keaton defies the Hollywood axiom lamented by her co-star in “The First Wives Club.” Goldie Hawn observed that the screen’s three ages of women were “babe, district attorney and ‘Driving Miss Daisy.”‘ For Keaton, it’s babe, Baby Boom and va-va-voom. ”
And she’s right–Keaton more than holds her own to Nicolson, and perhaps even steals the picture(after all, she’s the heroine).