Do you ever dream about blogging?

Last night I had my first dream involving blogging, and bloggers.
In the dream, I lived in New York, and was planning to share a loft with some people–much of the activity of the dream had to do with plans about architecture and dividing up the space. But in one quick sequence, I was at dinner with a group of people, and one woman mentioned she was a blogger. I told her I was as well, and she asked for the URL for my blog, which I gave to her in my dream. I remember wanting her email address and her blog address, but feeling hesitant to ask because I didn’t catch her name (sounds like real life, huh?)
Woke up and was surprised at the extent to which blogging has penetrated my psyche.
Obviously time to cut out the liverwurst sandwiches before bedtime, as Bob Hershon once said to me.
Have you dreamt about blogging? Share here if you feel like it.