Anyone heard of this one? Eurekster?
Jeff Jarvis says:
: Esther Dyson mentioned the latest thing in search: social search. Eurekster looks at what your friends search for.
: I am dying for the passive friends network (and Technorati is a credible start): To whom do I link? What are their connections? What are my connections? The problem is separating positive links from negative, perhaps even grading the quality of links. I don’t want to spam my friends to enter networks. I’m already in networks; I want systems that measure and map that.”
More on eurekster from Roland Tangalo and Ben Hammersley. Also Biz Stone,, w axy and anil
I got in, looked around a bit, and invited some friends to join so I could see how it works. However, like Real Contacts, there is the question–why do you need this site to see what your friends are posting or looking at?