Expedia beats Hotwire.com for airline bargains

A new study conducted by a Consumer’s Union offshoot and published at consumerwatch,org, reports that in a controlled study, Expedia offered best-deal prices on airline tickets 36% of the time, compared to 18% at Hotwire, 27% at Travelocity, and 2% at Orbitz. Priceline, which requires blind bidding(as does Hotwire) offer best deals 44% of the time. Interestingly, Expedia did nowhere near so well in the car rental and hotel room areas of the study, where Priceline and Hotwire dominated.

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  1. Winston Crawford says:

    Hotwire may have a good price but my wife and daughter are at the LA airport Budget location waiting for a car. Looks like a two hour wait. Wonderfully both Hotwire and Budget understand my frustration. Is that not special? Well, there are just too many options out there to put up with this kind of “service”. I hope they will understand my frustration at going elsewhere in the future.

  2. Mike P says:

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